Release v0.5ΒΆ

We are proud to announce the release of screed v0.5. screed is a database engine capable of storing and retriving short-read sequence data. screed is designed to be fast and adaptable to different sequence file formats. This marks the first release of screed which we consider stable and complete.

  • Read sequence data from FASTA/FASTQ files into screed databases
  • Save screed databases back to FASTA/FASTQ files
  • Lookup sequence data by index (offset) or name
  • Native support for sequence substring slicing
  • Convert between FASTA <-> FASTQ file formats

screed is written entirely in Python and uses the Sqlite database for backend storage. screed can be downloaded from the public git repository:

screed is licensed under the BSD license which can be viewed in the doc/LICENSE.txt file.